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For Providers

Whenever you meet with a new parent, as a midwife, pediatrician, family physician, mental health professional or other service provider, it’s an important opportunity to ask about how he or she is adjusting. It’s a loaded question and we understand you may have limited time. We’ve provided these screening tools and list of symptoms as guidelines to help in the discussion. Just as importantly, we’ve also provided many local resources for when a family does need more support. Click here to find out where to start.

There is an excellent little pamphlet called "Breaking the Silence" for purchase (even in bulk). It is published by Noodle Soup. 1-800-795-9295. You can also order online at www.noodlesoup.com

If you or your colleagues are interested in being listed on our resource pages, please contact us for more information.

Screening tools that can be used for PPD: Helpful Links:

It is the goal of this Task Force to bring together the practitioners, organizations, research, and best practices that North Shore families need for a healthy postpartum experience. The initial scope of this Task Force is the North Shore United Way community, including the following towns: Beverly, Manchester, Hamilton, Wenham, Ipswich, Essex, Gloucester, and Rockport.